2014 MDX Safety Features

December 28th, 2013 by

If you didn’t already know, the 2014 MDX has some of the most advanced safety features of any luxury SUV. Here if a few you may not have been aware of but may keep you safe while driving.

Lane Departure Warning System – LDW

  • At speeds of 45mph and above the LDW looks for painted lines, reflectors and other demarcations of lane division. If the MDX begins to exit a detected lane and the turn signal hasn’t been engaged, the system will flash the LDW indicator light on the instrument panel and display an amber lane departure message on the MID.

  • It also sends a series of beeps alerting the driver to return to the lane or activate the turn signal.


Forward Collision Warning System – FCW

  • This system detects vehicles directly in front of the car and if the distance to that vehicle is diminishing the system compares the vehicles current speed to determine if a collision can occur.

  • To alert the driver to apply the brake pedal, FCW will issue a beeping sound and flash an amber BRAKE message in the MID, as well as project an amber warning image on the windshield.


Vehicle Stability Assist – VSA

  • This system uses an array of sensors along with ABS and (on select models) SH-AWD to reduce dangers of oversteer and understeer.

  • It continually monitors the vehicle speed, steering angle, lateral G Force and yaw rate.

  • When oversteer or understeer is detected VSA reduces engine torque and applies the brakes to each wheel as needed to help stabilize the vehicle.


Advance Compatibility Engineering – ACE

  • The ACE design utilizes a network of connected structured elements to distribute crash energy more evenly throughout the vehicle.

  • New generation of ACE incorporates extra braces at the front corners to absorb and distribute impact energy from the narrow off-set collision in which a small portion at one side of the front end much absorb the collision forces.

  • The outer braces are designed to transfer impact load toward the center of the frame where the energy can be distributed around the cabin more evenly.

  • The NHTSA awarded the MDX with a 5 star rating on EVERY front and side impact test due to this amazing safety system!

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