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November 12th, 2013 by

At Courtesy Acura, we are extremely thankful for the many customers that have gone out of their way to share their car buying experiences via Facebook, Youtube, DealerRater, Insider Pages, Google, Cars.com and other review websites. Although many of our customers are extremely tech saavy, there are others that depend on good, old fashioned letters to show their appreciation. We couldn’t have been happier to receive this nice gentleman’s letter. Here is what he wrote.

Dear John Osborne,

My name is Pat and I am the owner of a 2012 Acura TL purchased in July 2013. I have been very pleased with the TL and this is my second TL. Since my purchase, I have had the vehicle in on three different occasions to get the Bluetooth connection reprogrammed. The last time I had ti in to be fixed, Lou Taylor was available to help me. I am 82 years old and it has been along time since I have been treated so wonderfully well. He met me with a smile on his face, and proceeded to fix my problem displaying professionalism, expertise, knowledge and all around outstanding friendship and warmth toward a customer. I thought it was worthy to note so you know how exceptional it is to make a person feel good. It is people like this that makes me want to write to you and make you aware of what a special person he is. I look forward to coming back to Courtesy Acura knowing I will be treated like a special person. Good work, Lou Taylor.



To write about your experience at Courtesy Acura, please visit one or all of the websites below and write a review about our Sales, Service or Parts Departments. Please be sure to mention the employee(s) you have worked with.

  • Google – Type in Courtesy Acura Littleton, scroll down until you see “Google Reviews,” and click “write a review”.  Please make sure to apply the number of stars to your rating; 5 stars is best!
  • Denver City Search – Type in Courtesy Acura, click on Courtesy Acura, and click “write a review”
  • Insider Pages – Type in Courtesy Acura near Littleton, CO, click on Courtesy Acura, and click “write a review”
  • DealerRater – Click on Acura as manufacturer, click Colorado as state, click on Courtesy Acura, and click “Rate this Dealer”
  • Cars.com – Search for us by our zip code 80122 and then click “write a review”
  • Facebook – Log in to your facebook and look up Courtesy Acura Littleton. Leave a recommendation on our facebook page!

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