A new guy, team work & an awesome Dealerrater review!

October 26th, 2013 by
This review is outstanding and we got it thanks to our newest sales consultant, Floyd Pratt, and John Weidenaar working together to make the customer’s experience number one! Thank you for your hard work guys!
My wife and I bought a 2003 MDX (new, back in 2003) at Courtesy Acura and had such a good experience back then, that it was a natural choice to visit Courtesy Acura once again for a new vehicle. My wife made an initial shopping visit while I was out of town on business, and she was greeted/helped by Floyd Pratt. Our vehicle candidates included Volvo, Infiniti, Lexus, BMW, and Floyd reassured my wife that she was under no pressure (and she felt none) or timeline to buy or choose a competitor. Meanwhile, while I was out of town, I had begun the Costco Car pricing program (Costco provides an authorization number, and the dealer submits the Costco Price to the customer). I promptly received pricing from John Weidenar.
My wife told me about her in-person visit and wanted to bring my to the dealership to test drive the two cars she had interest in (2013 MDX and 2014 MDX). We both returned and I was a bit nervous that Amy had been working with Floyd, and that I had received Costco pricing from John – I didn’t want a “commission battle” to occur. Floyd made it clear that this would not be an issue and not to let that worry come into our shopping experience.
After a test drive with both MDX’s, and then visits to Volvo and Infiniti (miserable experience at Infiniti) – we returned to Courtesy Acura to begin the purchase process on the 2014 MDX. Floyd worked out excellent pricing, offered my wife the (deserved) College Graduate discount, washed our old 2013 MDX (which we were selling the same day) and spent time with us to be sure we understood our options (lease/buy/ buy with different down payment amounts, etc…) until we were comfortable with a decision.
The rest was easy – sign papers, write the check, and get a “tour” of the new MDX with Lou Taylor, who spent an hour with us to explain features, pair our cell phones to the MDX Bluetooth, go over voice commands, etc…
Just before driving off the lot with our new car, Floyd asked for a picture with us, as we were his first customers at Courtesy (We thought this was a nice touch, and speaks to how Floyd cares about his customers)
All in all, another great experience at Courtesy. They can count on us again in 2023.
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