What is Acura A1 Service?

September 27th, 2017 by


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At Courtesy Acura of Littleton, we know that keeping up with regular service and maintenance can be a challenge. That’s why Acura vehicles use an array of maintenance codes which indicate what part of the vehicle needs attention. One of the most common Acura maintenance codes is A1 service. Find out how to take care of an Acura A1 service code today at Courtesy Acura!

What Does Acura A1 Service Mean?

In Acura’s maintenance codes, the letter and the number each represent a particular part of the car that needs service. Let’s break down the Acura A1 service and maintenance code to see what it means:

  • A – This indicates that an oil change needs to take place. If it switches to a B, the oil filter will need replaced as well.
  • 1 – This number shows what smaller elements on your vehicle will need care. 1 means you’ll need to get your tires rotated and inspected. There are five other codes which cover everything from engine coolant to spark plugs.

Acura vehicles feature this precise system in order to make regular maintenance easier. When a maintenance code comes up, just take your car to the Courtesy Acura for world class service. No matter if you need Acura MDX A1 service, Acura RDX A1 service, or any other Acura code, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy Expert Maintenance in Littleton

The service department at Courtesy Acura can handle any maintenance code that pops up in your vehicle. From the luxurious TLX to the high-powered NSX, these vehicles deserve nothing but the best service, and our technicians have the factory training, experience, and state-of-the-art facilities to get the job done. We even offer frequent specials on parts and service to ensure you get the maintenance you need at an affordable price. Next time you see an A1, B2, or B6 code pop up, bring it by Courtesy Acura.

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Along with your Acura A1 service, there are many reasons why you should keep up with routine vehicle maintenance, like the tasks indicated by the Acura maintenance codes. The benefits include:

  • It will save you money in the long run.
  • It keeps your vehicle’s systems running properly.
  • It ensures optimal safety.
  • It helps to maintain your vehicle’s value.
  • It allows your engine to run as smoothly as possible.

Visit Courtesy Acura Today

When you need service, we make the process easy. You can schedule your next service appointment online at our Acura service center, or give us a call at (303) 795-7800 with any questions. Feel free to bring your Acura vehicle by our showroom at 7590 S Broadway in Littleton, CO, just a short drive from anywhere in the Denver metro area. Let the experts at Courtesy Acura take care of your maintenance needs today near Highlands Ranch and Littleton.