Acura & Honda Lease Returns


Is your Acura or Honda lease ending soon and you’re not sure what to do? We are here to help simplify the process and offer you a variety of lease end options.

Option 1: Return your Acura & Lease or Buy a new one Shop our inventory of new Acuras and look over the most current lease specials. Then, schedule a test drive and/or visit the dealership. Two months before the end of your lease, schedule an appraisal. Once you’ve decided on a new Acura, we will complete the deal.

Option 2: Buy out your lease We understand that you might have fallen in love with your Acura. To buy out your lease, visit Acura Financial Services for a payoff quote or call (303) 795-7800 then meet with our finance team to explore financing options.

Option 3: Return your vehicle to Acura or HondaTwo months before your lease ends, notify Acura Financial Services to schedule a complimentary inspection. If you need assistance with this process, our sales team is ready and willing to help.

Seller’s Checklist

When you return your lease you will need:

  • All the keys to your vehicle
  • Owner’s Manual
  • Maintenance records
  • Vehicle return receipt
  • Vehicle Inspection Report

When you sell or trade in your car you will need:

  • Title or Payoff information
  • Valid and current registration paperwork
  • Valid state issued ID with a photo
  • All keys to your vehicle

Factors to Consider

  • No Estimates. Real Offers.
  • 24 Hour Payments When You Sell Your Car
  • Offers Good For 14 Days or 259 Miles

The value of your vehicle is a major concern when you are selling or trading in your vehicle. When you have your vehicle appraised at Courtesy Acura, we will provide you with an offer that is good for 14 days or 250 miles. When we are determining the value of your vehicle, we reference national market trends and auction data to get a starting point. We then inspect your vehicle for any damage and test drive it to ensure it operates well. Major damage or lack of functionality will lower the value.

Trade-in True Cash Offer

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