Best Place to Find a Used Car

best place to find a used car

How Can I Find the Best Deal on a Used Car or Truck?

Car buyers of today have just about too many places to shop for their next ride. From social media marketplaces to online classifieds to dealer websites, we are inundated with options and a nearly unending supply of cars. So just where can one go to get the best deal on a used car? Basically, it boils down to 3 options: a dealership, a small car lot, or a private seller. Every option has its pluses and minuses, but when you’re making such an important financial decision you want to give yourself the best opportunity of getting the absolute best deal you can.

Shopping at a Pre-Owned Car Lot

A used car lot can offer a few of the benefits of a bigger dealer, like a big selection of cars, trucks, or SUVs and the possibility of browsing them online. You can still get a large choice of vehicles and the possibility of viewing them online at an independent used car lot, but they also do present more risks. While some car lots might be entrenched in the community, several others appear to come and go quickly. Here are some of the other differences between a used car lot and a dealer:

  • No CPO – Certified Pre-Owned cars, trucks, and SUVs are available only at certified dealers.
  • Used Car Financing – If they have financing, their interest rates are generally higher.
  • Vehicle Quality – Be on the lookout for high mileage cars with questionable pasts.
  • Reputation – Some used car lots choose profitability over customers.
  • Mechanics – Limited repair mechanics on-site, possibly with limited experience.
  • Pre-Sale Repairs – To save money and maximize profits ‘quick fixes’ may be employed.
  • Inspections – Inspections at car lots are normally not quite as thorough.
Pre-Owned Car Buying From Your Local Car Lot

Pre-Owned Car Shopping From the Local Auto Dealer

Used Car Shopping at Your Dealer

While a lot of folks would agree that it is the easiest way to buy a car, many believe they can get a less expensive deal somewhere else. While you may get a cheaper price elsewhere (most likely with even more miles and with fewer guarantees on condition), nothing can compare to the service we can provide.

A few of the benefits of buying your next car here are:

  • Helpful Hours – We’ve got extended hours of business so that we can be accessible when you need us.
  • Buy Online – You can buy online when you can’t make it to us.
  • Delivery of Your Car – We can deliver. Just ask and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Large Selection – We’ve got a much larger selection than most.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles – We have CPO vehicles for peace of mind.
  • Pricing that is Fair – Our trained pricing specialists work hard to offer good prices.
  • Vehicle History Reports – Get the history of your new car.
  • Lots of Customer Reviews – See what other customers think.
  • Multiple Options for Financing – We boast multiple options.

Shopping at Independent Sellers

If you are searching for a particular car, particularly an older vehicle, then a personal seller might be your only real option. You may be able to get a seemingly great price, but you as the buyer take on almost all of the risk in this situation. You will be in charge of all of these features found here at the dealership:

  • Customer Reviews – There may be absolutely no background info. Should you trust the seller?
  • Vehicle History – If you want the vehicle history report, you’ll be paying for it.
  • Loans – While many personal sellers want cash, you can also try making payments through your bank. Either way, your options are limited.
  • Warranty – You buy as-is, there is no guarantee.
  • Inspections – An inspection by a 3rd party is suggested before you purchase a used car, but you would be responsible for the bill.
  • The Vehicle’s Current Condition – There may be reasons for selling the vehicle.
Buying Used From a Private Seller

Courtesy Acura is Denver’s Place for Used Cars

Look no further than Courtesy Acura for a great selection of used cars and SUVs for sale near Denver, CO. We excel at helping customers like you find great deals on our pre-owned vehicles. Best of all, you can shop online with delivery at your convenience 24/7, or stop in for a test drive during our convenient showroom hours. Our team of used and Acura specialists look forward to serving you. Discover what value and quality really look like. Visit today.

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