How Long Does Motor Oil Last On The Shelf?

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how long does motor oil last on the shelf?

How long is the shelf life of motor oil? Learn more at Courtesy Acura.

Yes your engine oil will expire, no matter if it’s just sitting on a shelf or inside your engine. Though, the expiration date differs significantly if the oil is in a motor vs. sitting in storage. First, let’s review how long oil will last in an engine. Drivers get regular oil changes because the oil breaks down when driven thousands of miles. When motor oil gets used, it will lose the capacity to protect the internal engine components as effectively. Old oil may also have pollutants (such as tiny pieces of metal from the engine or even dirt) that could hurt the motor. Hence, why nearly all vehicle manufacturers suggest changing your motor oil roughly every 5,000 miles. Your oil change timing can vary depending on your driving habits, climate, and age of the vehicle. Be sure to consult with your service advisor to find the correct oil change interval for your car. The expiration of engine oil sitting on a shelf is much longer, as the motor oil won’t have been exposed to the elements or the internal components of an engine.

Does Motor Oil Have a Shelf Life?

How Long Can Motor Oil Sit?

When stored properly in the manufacturer’s unopened packaging, the shelf life of engine oil could be as high as five years. This shelf life is dependent on the storage conditions, with long-term exposure to heat being the biggest issue. If you own an older car that has been parked for a while, the longevity of its oil will be much shorter. The oil may have been exposed to the engine’s internal components even if it was not driven for a while.

Can You Use Old Oil In Your Vehicle?

Can I Use Old Oil?

Using old oil is not advised due to its degraded ability to provide lubrication for vital engine components. Expired oil may contain debris and sediments that may clog the engine and result in damage. Considering a quart of motor oil is only a few dollars, the risk is not worth using old oil that could lead to engine damage and cause thousands of dollars in repair bills. Using new oil helps guarantee that your engine is properly lubricated and guarded against unnecessary damage. It’s always advised to use high-quality motor oil and follow the suggested oil change interval to keep the engine running efficiently and to help avoid expensive repairs. Spending a little bit of money now to change the expired oil will potentially save you in the future.

How Can Drivers Tell If There Is Bad Oil?

How Can Drivers Tell If There Is Old Motor Oil?

The instrument panel oil change indicator is the most apparent indication that your motor oil is old. Other indicators of expired engine oil may consist of diminished fuel economy, more engine noise, a lit-up check engine light, or possibly a smell of burning oil. If your oil appears dark, gritty, or sludgy to the touch, it suggests that it needs to be changed. Good oil looks somewhat clear with an amber color. When you have a regular maintenance schedule that includes changing your oil, you can lower the amount of old oil flowing in your engine. This may result in improved performance and help with long-term durability for your vehicle.

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