Should I Finance or Lease a New Car?

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There are a lot of high-performance luxury vehicles in the new Acura lineup, and you can find them all at Courtesy Acura. Before you land on a decision, though, it’s helpful to think about whether it’s a better idea for you to finance or lease your new Acura. Ultimately it comes down to your budget and priorities, but both have their advantages. Find out more with our professional finance team, and then come see us in Littleton, CO.

Advantages to Financing

Financing your vehicle is the traditional route for getting a new car, and it comes with plenty of advantages, including:

  • Equity – When you finance your car, each monthly payment you makes gains you more equity in your vehicle, and when the payments are done you own the car outright.
  • No Mileage Limits – Because the vehicle is yours, it doesn’t come with restrictions like mileage limits.
  • Customization Options – You’ll also have the option of customizing the vehicle with performance upgrades, custome stereos, and paint jobs.

Advantages to Leasing

These days, more and more people are leasing vehicles, which comes with advantages all its own:

  • Affordability – In general, leasing requires lower down payments and lower monthly payments, which means you can either save more money or splurge on something really nice.
  • Less Worry Over Maintenance – While you’re required to perform scheduled maintenance, there’s generally less concern over it because lease terms are short and a leased car isn’t driven into the ground.
  • Getting the Latest Tech – Since lease terms are generally short, it gives drivers the opportunity to stay behind the wheel of a newer car with the most advanced new tech and convenience features.

Lease or Finance a New Acura Now at Courtesy Acura!

Still not sure whether you would prefer to finance or lease your new Acura? If you apply for financing online, you’ll get a better sense of what your monthly payments will look like, and when you come to Courtesy Acura we’ll be happy to run you through your options. Courtesy Acura also participates in the Acura Advantage Leasing Program, where you can receive exclusive benefits on leased vehicle.  Our dealership is open Monday through Saturday at 7590 S Broadway in Centennial, CO, and you can contact us at (303) 795-7800.

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