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What Does It Mean When My Check Engine Light Symbol Is Lit?

what does it mean when my check engine light symbol is lit?

Courtesy Acura is happy to help you know what it means when your Acura check engine light symbol is on.

The check engine light warns owners of future engine problems or total failure. There are many reasons your check engine light may come on. It may be anything from a simple sensor failure, alerting you to schedule maintenance, or even warning of major problems that could contribute to engine failure. So, even if the check engine warning light is triggered, it may not be a total catastrophe. However, when your check engine warning light comes on, you ought to bring it to us for a complete diagnostic inspection as soon as possible. Even if nothing acts broken, having it inspected can be the difference between having to replace the engine and a simple fix.

O2 Sensors in The Vehicle are Old

Faulty Car Oxygen Sensors

There are many sensors that feed info to your engine to help it run more efficiently. However, incorrect readings from components like the mass airflow sensor or the oxygen sensors can cause a check engine light. If the car is running like normal, an old oxygen sensor is the most likely reason. This might mean the car is probably fine, but because the engine is not receiving the information, it triggers the warning light. Even if the vehicle feels fine, you should get your car diagnosed immediately to rule out any potential larger problems.

Failing Gas Cap

Failing Gas Cap

Something as basic as not replacing the gas cap or not replacing it completely may trigger a check engine light. Your vehicle’s gas cap might need to be changed during your vehicle ownership. After 50k miles, you may want to replace a gas cap. We recommend genuine OEM replacement parts if you feel you should replace your gas cap. Replacement parts from Do-It-Yourself stores can work in an emergency, but nothing is better than OEM parts.

Bad Spark Plugs

Spark Plugs in Your Vehicle are Faulty

Spark plugs are essential to the efficiency of your engine. As the name suggests, spark plugs provide a spark of electricity that ignites the fuel and causes an engine to run. Spark plugs demand accurate measurements for peak performance, and if the spark plug setup is too large, it could possibly cause a check engine light. Some symptoms of worn spark plugs include diminished fuel economy, slower acceleration, and your engine just does not run smoothly.

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