Which Vehicles Have Acura AWD?

August 28th, 2020 by
2020 Acura MDX

If you’re looking for the best performing luxury cars, Acura is one of the greatest manufacturers in the game today. Most new Acura cars and SUVs have Acura SH AWD® (Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™) available, giving you a new level of control over your drive. Courtesy Acura is ready to tell you all about Acura SH AWD® and the many Acura AWD models that offer it.

What is Acura SH AWD®?

Acura SH AWD®, or Super Handling All-Wheel Drive™, refers to the all-wheel drive system proprietary to Acura vehicles. It gives you a new level of performance for your Denver or Aurora drives by using an advanced computer system to distribute weight evenly. Not only does it give you better traction, it takes advantage of the way you drive to adapt to your performance. Here’s what else you get:

  • SH AWD® can figure out the power distribution between front and back based on the angle, speed, and yaw rate.
  • You can get a better fuel economy by sending up to 90% of the power to the front while you’re headed down a straight road.
  • It shifts weight toward the rear when accelerating, helping you to get better traction while driving.
  • When you’re accelerating on a curve, this Acura AWD system can send 70% of torque to the rear outside wheel.
  • It revolves the outside rear wheel faster than the other wheels while you’re in a turn, giving you more stability and a better handling drive.

What Acura Models Come With AWD?

There’s only one Acura model that doesn’t come with this wonderful AWD feature, and that’s the front-wheel drive-only Acura ILX. On the other Acura models, you can get SH AWD® standard or as an option with these great Acura sedans and SUVs:

The Acura ILX is the only model that doesn’t offer AWD (available with front-wheel drive only). If you’re set on finding an Acura with AWD capabilities, then you can get it as either standard or as an available option in the following Acura sedan and SUV lineups: 

  • Acura TLX AWD
  • Acura RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD®
  • Acura RDX AWD
  • Acura MDX SH AWD®
  • Acura NSX AWD

With An Acura From Courtesy Acura, You’ll Go Far

We guarantee you that there’s an Acura perfect for your Highlands Ranch lifestyle at Courtesy Acura. We know exactly what it takes to get you driving and our dedicated sales team will work with you to find your perfect Acura. Contact us and we’ll get a chat going!


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