Why Use a Checklist When Buying a Used Car?

why use a checklist when buying a used car denver co

How Do Dealerships Inspect Their Pre-Owned Cars or Trucks?

Generally speaking, an auto dealership will use a used vehicle inspection checklist before any car or truck is allowed to be listed on the stock of used vehicle inventory. This is a rigorous, multi-point inspection of all automotive systems, minor and major. The inspection checklist includes many explicit items which often vary from one dealership to the next. This helps guarantee that each pre-owned vehicle is in great condition. Most elements fall into three essential types: electronic, mechanical, and service. Get to know what goes into a checklist for a pre-owned vehicle inspection.

Mechanical Review

Mechanical Checks

From DSG transmissions to the brakes, updated mechanical car parts are in every area of today’s cars and it’s imperative that they are properly operating to avoid accidents and stay safe. An exhaustive inspection will likely cover these parts and many others like the engine, CVT transmissions, 4WD or 2WD systems, the battery, the exhaust system, and cooling systems (the radiator and hoses). If the car is either an EV or a hybrid, the drive battery can only be inspected and serviced by a trained professional.

Electric Inspection

Electronic Check

More than ever before, the core of today’s cars feature electronics like engine computers, digital gauge clusters, touchscreens, navigation systems, and safety cameras. So it’s critical that they receive and pass the same rigorous inspections as the other components. A comprehensive electrical inspection includes all internal, external, and emergency lighting, as well as digital displays and running lights. Most critical, however, are diagnostics of any onboard computer and any additional systems controlled by electronics, like the ignition, engine performance settings, braking systems, safety tech, and cell phone systems.

Vehicle History Check

Historical Report

A detailed vehicle inspection can highlight any current problems, but it might miss issues that happened in the past. To fully understand the life of your car we use vehicle history companies such as CarFax or AutoCheck. These services find the full history of a vehicle and typically provide information like title problems, previous accidents, warranty service, mileage inconsistencies, and even oil changes. Recognizing the whole account of the vehicle you’re ready to buy lets you make the best possible decision.

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