Are Extended Warranties Worth It?

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When you buy a new Acura you’ll reap the benefits of the Acura 4 year/50,000 mile new vehicle warranty. If you’re asking, “Should I buy an extended warranty,” you definitely should consider it for the confidence and peace of mind you’ll get on your Denver drives. Knowing that your car or SUV is covered for any factory, material, or craftsmanship defects can be a huge relief. Keep reading and decide for yourself — are extended warranties worth it?

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty adds more years and mileage to the new vehicle warranty that comes with your Acura. You can opt into buying an extended warranty when you’re financing your new car near Aurora. In general warranty plans vary, but they are essentially a safety net that keeps you from having to pay for repairs caused by factory defects to your vehicle. You can add extra coverage like roadside assistance and towing to an extended warranty plan, which can save you money and the annual renewal of auto club memberships.

Are Extended Warranties for New and Used Vehicles?

The answer to, “Should I buy an extended warranty,” might differ, based on if you’re buying a new or pre-owned car. Here are some things to consider when thinking about purchasing extended warranties for either type of car:

New Vehicles

How long you plan on keeping the vehicle? If you intend to keep your vehicle for at least ten years, then you should buy an extended warranty. If you trade cars often, an extended warranty might not benefit you much.

Used Vehicles

Be sure to have the vehicle inspected and possible issues estimated to help you decide whether or not you would like to opt in for an extended warranty. Also consider how long you plan on having that used vehicle for before you decide.

Should I Buy an Extended Warranty?

This really comes down to your Highlands Ranch lifestyle and finances. The initial investment into an extended warranty might be worth it if you’re concerned about future repairs causing financial distress. Ultimately, an extended warranty is an investment in your peace of mind for the long run.

Discuss All of Your Financing Options at Courtesy Acura

If you have further questions about if you should buy an extended warranty, or if extended warranties are worth it for you, contact the finance department at Courtesy Acura. We can give you detailed information about what extended warranty options are the best fit for you.

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