Are Acura Models Expensive to Maintain?


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Once you’ve purchased a New Acura or a used model, it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance. Not only does this ensure that your vehicle continues to work properly, but it also saves you money down the line. Ignoring regular service could lead to more problematic, and costlier, service needs later on. But are Acura models expensive to maintain?

Cost of Acura Maintenance

Acura is a luxury brand, but the cost of the vehicles don’t carry the higher luxury price tag. They are also not expensive to maintain.

According to, Acura ranks 11th out of 30 on a list of the most and least expensive cars to maintain. Based on estimates of total vehicle maintenance over a decade, the cost for Acura is $9,800. The number one most expensive brand to maintain was BMW, which had a cost of $17,800. As you can see, that’s almost double the cost of maintaining your Acura over a period of 10 years.


Acura Routine Maintenance

To keep maintenance costs as low as possible, make sure to use Acura OEM parts for repairs and check the following at regular intervals:

  • Windshield washer fluid replacement
  • Engine oil and filter change
  • Belt inspection, adjustment, and replacement
  • Fluid top offs
  • Clutch and hydraulic system inspection and replacement
  • Low tire pressure
  • Replace transmission fluid
  • Brake pad inspection, adjustment, and replacement
  • Valve adjustment
  • Exhaust system
  • Replace air filter
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Replace brake fluid
  • Wheel alignment
  • Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • Coolant replacement
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) fluid replacement

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